Our Vision for Radlett

In 2027, Radlett will have maintained and improved its attractive character as a verdant village, surrounded by highly cherished open countryside, with an active and diverse community served by a modern and vibrant High Street. 


This is helped by:

A variety of types, sizes and styles of attractive and durable homes positively reflecting on the character of the area;

> Protecting and enhancing the leafy and biodiverse nature of Radlett’s streets, neighbourhoods and open countryside; 

> Easy access to the open countryside and a well-maintained network of footpaths, bridleways, cycleways and streets within Radlett itself;

> A broad range of well-kept and highly frequented community and cultural facilities within easy walking distance of public transport and other destinations such as shops and services;  

> A diverse mix of local residents and employees of different faiths, ages, ethnicity and socio-economic means being able to live, work, study, and socialise.

> Good accessibility of the high street for public and private modes of transport and sufficient parking for all modes including cars, bicycles and motorbikes.