Objectives for our Radlett Plan

The main objectives guiding our Neighbourhood Plan Policies and Community Priority Projects are shaped by what we learnt from engaging with the local communities, officers and our analysis of facts and figures. These are:

 1.  To protect and enhance the verdant character of Radlett;

 2. To meet new housing demand in a manner that is sensitive to the character of the village, guided by site-specific context analysis and the Radlett Character Assessment 2016; 

3. To support the development and/or retention of smaller homes available to younger people and older downsizers;

4. To promote the protection and positive use of the surrounding Green Belt by providing more opportunity to access it by foot, horseback  and bicycle.

5. To protect Local Green Spaces in the village from development and to ensure that all residents have access to community green and open spaces for leisure and recreational purposes within a reasonable walking distance; 

6. To maintain a modern and vibrant High Street, by promoting a diverse range of retail uses and supporting smart technology throughout Radlett’s village centre enabling a more connected and mobile community and improving ease of  access to local products and services; 

7. To promote an active community within the village, with improved community and cultural facilities for residents and visitors; 

8. To encourage and facilitate the development of buildings and sites in the village in order to improve the vitality of the high street and provide better facilities and amenities for the community and visitors;

 9. To encourage cycling to and from key local destinations by improving the facilities for safe cycling and adequate parking  (dedicated and safe paths, lanes and tracks) within and outside Radlett.

10. To require development and public realm improvements to make a positive contribution to the natural and built environment;

11. To support proposals improving access, capacity, appearance and functioning of parking facilities for cars, bicycles and motorbikes; 

12. To seek improvements to streets and transport infrastructure facilitating a smooth traffic flow through the village and district centre; 

13. To ensure APC and the local community have a meaningful opportunity to engage with developers and their design teams in the early stages of designing  proposals for  major sites, including the key locations for development as identified in HBC’s Planning Brief for Radlett District Centre and any other significant development.