Everyone working on or reading about the Radlett Plan will have a different sense of what Radlett is and what the priorities are for action. Those feelings will largely be based on personal experience and anecdotal information. Data, evidence, hard information, whatever you call it, offers a different perspective on the area – and if the figures are chosen carefully and interpreted sensibly they offer a fairly robust framework for discussion. Facts and Figures cannot capture everything about an area but they can play a key role in identifying priorities for the Radlett Plan and testing results. Key data forms already part of the Draft Radlett Plan Document. Below we present full reports, key planning guidance and more information regarding the large survey that we carried out in 2015.


> Census Data 2011 for Radlett (Aldenham East and West Wards): 

> Character Assessment: Radlett Neighbourhood Plan by Dr. Garyfalia Palaiologou, University College London, 2015.  

> Survey February 2015. 

> Revised Radlett District Centre Key Locations Planning Brief,

Hertsmere Borough Council, 2016.



> Current Key Policy Map Hertsmere Borough.