We have been busy.

Timeline of key engagement and consultation activities that shaped the Vision, Objectives and Policy and Project Priorities of the Radlett Plan to date is provided below. 


What's happening next?

 The Referendum has been successful and Hertsmere Borough Council will adopt the Radlett Plan fully. 


Last event.


The Referendum took place on 6 May 2021.

The Radlett Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result is as follows:


Yes vote – 2,127

No vote – 650

Spoilt papers – 65


We are delighted that 74.8% of Radlett residents voted in favour of the Radlett Plan. 

Thank you.

Consultation Timeline



Autumn 2013: Consultation by Hertsmere Borough Council on the boundary of the Radlett Plan Area. 



 November 2014 – Stall at APC ‘Winter Fair’ showing initial questionnaire and awareness campaign | 80 responses



February 2015 - Household and online survey |  887 responses 



March 2015 - Public Launch Meeting and discussing a Vision for Radlett. Formation of working groups: Over 50 people signed up. 



August 2015 – Further questionnaires and consultation stall at APC ‘Limitless’ Event.



November 2015 - Stall at APC ‘Winter Fair’ with update 



March 2016 – presentation at Annual Parish Meeting by consultants, with an opportunity to comment on the draft policies. And presentations at U3A, Estate Agents, Business Groups etc.


April / May  2017 – Useful discussion with Hertsmere Borough Council's Planning team on early draft  

aimed at making it more robust in planning terms. Here the comments we considered so far: 



June  2017 – 4 page insert in 'Around Radlett' informing all of APC of the Launch of the Draft Radlett Plan.


July  2017 – 17 July 2017 - Launch of Draft Radlett Plan, new website: www.RadlettPlan.org and online survey. 90+ people attended the launch. 



Summer  2017 – Letter and short survey to all households in Aldenham Parish, detailed online survey, interactive exhibition at the Radlett Centre,  Drop-in sessions to discuss and understand level of support for the Draft Radlett Plan (Regulation 14 Consultation as of Localism Act 2011)


October  2017 – Review of all survey findings and representations kindly received during the Regulation 14 Consultation of the Draft Radlett Plan. Representations will be published in the evidence section shortly. 


November  2017 - Review of proposed growth scenarios in the early stages of the New Local Plan, lead by Hertsmere Borough Council. Aldenham Parish Council is organising an information event for the 20 November 2017 at the Radlett Centre. More details to follow. 



Dec 2017 – Considering final amendments to Draft Radlett Plan before submitting it to Local Planning Authority for a further round of then formal consultation by Hertsmere Borough Council as they are our Local Planning Authority.

15. 12 November 2018 - Hertsmere Borough Council starts the Regulation 16 consultation on the Radlett Plan. The Regulation 16 consultation ( second round) ended in March 2019. This is then followed by an independent examination and if it all goes well a referendum. The referendum is expected to be held early in the new year. This process is prescribed by the Localism Act 2011 and associated Neighbourhood Planning Regulations.   

16.   15 April 2019  - Open evening in the Douglas Hicks Room of the Radlett Centre between 5.30 and 8pm where members of RNP Steering Group are on hand to answer any questions you may have on the Regulation 16 Version of the Plan ( revised, second version). 


17.    16 October  2020 - The Public Hearing at Douglas Hicks Room part of Regulation 16 | 10.00am

Hertsmere Borough Council and Aldenham Parish Council appointed an independent examiner (well versed in Neighbourhood Plans) Nigel McGurk to review the Radlett Neighbourhood Plan. As part of his review, Nigel McGurk has decided to call for a public hearing, to which he has invited, Aldenham Parish Council, the RNP Steering Group and Hertsmere Borough Council to attend.  

The public are invited to attend and such attendance is welcomed. However, questions will only be put to, and participation will be restricted to, invited participants, which in this case, will comprise representatives of Aldenham Parish Council and Hertsmere Borough Council. 

18. December 2019 - Examiner's Report issued. 

The independent examiner has issued his full report to Hertsmere Borough Council and has recommended the Radlett Neighbourhood Plan is put to a referendum.

Following the examiner’s review of our Plan on 16th October 2019, he has now issued an interim report which has been considered by the RNP Steering Group and a response has been issued.

The next step is for the examiner to issue the final report, and hopefully a recommendation to proceed to referendum, which Hertsmere Borough Council will have to abide by.  

We will let you know when this is likely to be, and we would ask that as many people as possible vote (hopefully in favour) and then the plan will be adopted. 

19.  April 2020 - Regulation 18 Decision Statement issued.

Hertsmere Borough Council have issued their Radlett Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement (Regulation 18) which recommends the Radlett Plan to proceed to referendum subject to the examiners' modifications and HBC's officers' subsequent detailed changes being carried out. 

20. The Referendum on the Plan is scheduled for 6 May 2021