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September 2019 | Radlett  

Dear all


Following the Regulation 16 Consultation in March, Hertsmere Borough Council and Aldenham Parish Council appointed an independent examiner (well versed in Neighbourhood Plans) Nigel McGurk to review the Radlett Neighbourhood Plan.


As part of his review, Nigel McGurk has decided to call for a public hearing, to which he has invited, Aldenham Parish Council, the RNP Steering Group and Hertsmere Borough Council to attend. 


The Public Hearing will take place at 10.00am on Wednesday 16th October at The Radlett Centre (Douglas Hicks Room), Aldenham Avenue, Radlett, WD7 8HL. 


The purpose of the Public Hearing is to allow the Independent Examiner to hear oral evidence from invited participants to assist with his examination of the Radlett Neighbourhood Plan. 

A Neighbourhood Plan Hearing is not the same as a public inquiry or an examination in public for a Local Plan. Rather, it is held at the discretion of the Independent Examiner, who will limit it to the consideration of specific matters that he determines necessary, in line with relevant legal requirements. The Independent Examiner will set out how the Public Hearing will run at the beginning of the day. 


The public are invited to attend and such attendance is welcomed. However, questions will only be put to, and participation will be restricted to, invited participants, which in this case, will comprise representatives of Aldenham Parish Council and Hertsmere Borough Council. 


The subject matters to be considered at the Public Hearing are determined by the Independent Examiner. An Agenda will be provided no later than one week before the day of the Hearing.


Estelle Samuelson

Chairman, Radlett Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group



This is the  Radlett Plan website.    

We hope you'll find the information provided here so far useful and we would like to invite you to share this new digital home of our Draft Radlett Plan with your neighbours, friends and colleagues. Most of all, we would like to thank you the residents and businesses of Radlett for completing the various questionnaires, attending the events and giving us feedback on earlier versions of the plan. This has genuinely helped us to produce this Radlett Plan. It will allow us all to shape the future of Radlett more effectively well founded in what many of us regard as good change.

Your Radlett Plan Steering Group